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Curso inglés B2

Curso Online Inglés B2




Curso inglés B2:


Con este curso estará capacitado para usar el idioma con fluidez y eficacia en situaciones habituales y más específicas que requieran comprender y crear textos orales y escritos con más complejidad, en un nivel de complejidad de lengua estándar, con un vocabulario amplio aunque no muy idiomático, y que exprese temas generales, actuales o propios del hablante.

Nivel B2 del Marco Común Europeo de Referencia para las Lenguas (MCERL) B2 = B2.1 + B2.2

Unit 1. Never judge a book by its cover

Vocabulary. Describing people: personality and appearance.

Compound adjectives

Grammar: defining and non-defining relative clauses.

Modals for deduction (past and present)

Writing an informal email

Pronunciation: compound adjectives

Unit 2. Down-to-earth

Vocabulary. Animal idioms. Animal collocations: animal sounds

Grammar: modals and expressions of probability.

Conditionals. Alternatives to IF

Writing an article

Pronunciation: contractions. Linking

Unit 3. Home sweet home

Vocabulary. Types of housing. Places in the home. Housework.

Phrasal verbs connected to people relations

Grammar: modals of obligation/absence of obligation/prohibition/advice.

Have/get something done writing a report pronunciation consonant clusters

Unit 4. A penny for your thoughts

Vocabulary. Money. Jobs

Grammar: infinitive versus –ing. Participle clauses

Writing a covering letter

Pronunciation: stress shift

Unit 5. Caught red-handed

Vocabulary crime. Criminals

Grammar: emphasis (do, so and indeed). Cleft sentences. Inversions

Writing an opinion composition

Pronunciation how to sound emphatic

Unit 6. Out and about

Vocabulary. Leisure activities: travelling. Extreme sports

Grammar: used to, would. Narrative tenses

Writing a blog post

Pronunciation-ed endings

Unit 7. TV or not TV?

Vocabulary. Headlines.

Television (people, TV programmes and a TV guide)

Grammar: impersonal report structures.

Contrast (despite, in spite of, although…)

Writing a “for and against” composition

Pronunciation: contrastive intonation

Unit 8. An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Vocabulary. Health and illness.

Idioms related to the parts of the body. Food and diet

Grammar: reported speech. Reporting statements, commands and questions.

Writing a complaint email/letter

Pronunciation: homographs. Homophones

Unit 9. No regrets just lessons learned

Vocabulary. Feelings

Grammar: I wish/if only.

Would rather, would sooner, had better. It´s time

Writing a personal anecdote

Pronunciation /s/ - /z/ - /?/

Unit 10. Facebook = language facelift?

Vocabulary. Compounds with –ever. The Internet. Fast writing

Grammar: future perfect and continuous.

Use of the article for generalizing

Writing: a review

Pronunciation: words pronounced differently in Spanish/English

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